Data centre and server management will be in demand

With startups such as Cardekho, Flipkart, InMobi and Hopscotch resorting to deferring dates of joining, are jobseekers in India losing faith in the startup boom?
A global economic slowdown, mainly due to weakening Brazilian and Chinese economies, is resulting in VCs holding their money close, and a fund crunch for startups and in turn hiring taking a hit.

Why hasn’t the cloud caught on yet?
·         Most organisations are holding back on moving critical systems to the cloud because of security concerns. The spate of high profile hacking incidents is pushing corporations to take threats seriously.
·         The increasing number of security certification programmes available in the market indicates that info-security as a career choice is gradually becoming popular.
·         Organisations are looking to augment their infosec team through hiring certified security professionals or availing external services.
·         IT auditing, ethical hacking and cyber forensics will emerge as the sought-after skills.