Zuver - Your Driver on Demand

Zuver is a start-up, mobile app based company with a unique selling proposition – a service that promises a reliable, skilled, well-trained ‘driver on demand’ at your doorstep. Zuver is the German term for “reliable” which is exactly what the brand believes in.

With the motto of providing a comprehensive application allowing you to book, track and pay for a premium driver service, Zuver started operations in early 2016. Co-founded by Sovin Hegde, a Harvard alumnus and Sidhanth Mally, an ex-consultant and Kings College London alumnus, Zuver caters to a wide range of segments- from working executives, to families needing transportation to the younger lot.

Zuver offers customers great flexibility as they can book a driver in advance or real time for an hour, or for a whole day. The technology that powers Zuver allows them to locate and dispatch the driver who is positioned closest to the customer, within 30 minutes. All these services are offered at a highly competitive price. Zuver is available on Android as well as Ios or you can connect with them at 022-43686868

Zuver stands out from other driver hire services with their rigorous screening and verification process that ensures the driver is skilled and trustworthy. Each driver undergoes multiple rounds of interviews, tests and agency checks so that the customers can be reassured while handing over their car to Zuver’s driver. Additionally, all selected drivers receive training to enhance soft skills to ensure that they are presentable, well groomed, courteous and polished.

Zuver recognizes drivers as their brand ambassadors who embody the premium, reliable, trustworthy and professional feel of Zuver. With best in class service and valued customer feedback, Zuver is on its course to expand presence in other metros and to set new standards and benchmarks for the industry,