Infor Healthcare Focuses on Interoperability with Key Investments in Infor Cloverleaf Suite

Infor has reiterated its commitment to the healthcare industry by announcing significant investments in the Infor Cloverleaf Suite. Infor Cloverleaf is a market leading, enterprise-caliber integration engine that facilitates the movement of highly secure data through disparate systems within and outside the healthcare enterprise.

Infor Cloverleaf helps providers put the patient at the center of their care model. With Infor Cloverleaf, organizations can make better operational, financial, and clinical decisions by enabling users to share information and patient data across disparate systems such as EMR and ERP. With data exchange capabilities and new insights, healthcare organizations can improve the management of clinical summary exchanges, support non-electronic medical record (EMR) providers, facilitate referrals and consults, and share a consolidated view of a patient's record. Infor business intelligence applications also deliver meaningful industry-driven analytics to identify cost savings opportunities, improve hiring and personnel management, and increase collaboration with analytics built by healthcare experts for the healthcare industry.

Infor Cloverleaf compliments Infor CloudSuite Healthcare which offers visibility into every facet of an organization, all within a secure infrastructure, designed to address the needs of community hospitals, integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers, children's hospitals, long-term care facilities, sub-acute care, outpatient clinics, and payers. With a simple upgrade program, organizations have a clear and prescriptive path for upgrading to Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with new functionality and capabilities never before possible such as next generation analytics, mobile, and collaboration technologies for increased efficiencies and productivity.

Complimenting Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, Infor's human capital management solutions offer tools to attract, retain, develop, and engage talent. Users can better develop employees, reduce staff turnover by hiring the right candidates from the start, align and measure staff, equitably distribute workloads based on patient activity, gain end-to-end support to schedule, assess, staff, assign, and track nurses, and truly transform HR services and engagement. Specifically, Infor Talent Science helps to identify top job candidates before conducting interviews, which is especially important in an industry that depends on staff to provide exceptional patient care.

"Infor continues to be a top choice for healthcare organizations because we are a team of industry subject matter experts that understand the nuances, intricacies and demands it takes to operate a healthcare enterprise from a business perspective while keeping patient care at the heart of every decision," said Dr. Barry Chaiken, Chief Medical Information Officer at Infor. "As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, organizations need a single source of truth that offers improved rich data insights, organizational alignment, and real-time connectivity. This is what Infor delivers."

Healthcare applications for human capital management, enterprise financial management, supply chain management, deep analytics and interoperability, have contributed to nearly 450 new or expanded relationships in 2015, globally. The company continues to see adoption of Infor cloud solutions across the healthcare industry. Infor's healthcare division completed 153 percent more cloud-based new business transactions in 2015 than in 2014.