TP-LINK Clan Wars Receives Overwhelmed Reactions from Gaming Community Nationally

TP-LINK, a provider of consumer and SMB networking products, today announced the success of 'TP-LINK Clan Wars - Season 5', which attracted 900 in-person attendees and numerous online attendees. TP-LINK Clan Wars, which took between 21st Feb to 13th March 2016 in India, saw a huge footfall of gamers across India.

There is growing enthusiasm that India will soon establish itself as a serious contender on the international scene of eSports. And Clan Wars spotlights the potential of gaming industry in India. The recent generation of Indians, who are the influencers for eSports, are becoming more aspiring about following their passions and pursuing careers in this untraditional profession.

"Competitive gaming is already drawing massive crowds and generating revenue from that audience in several ways. However, because of pirated games available for very low price, the focus has always been on offline model in India. But today online gaming has picked up in a huge way, because of increased and affordable bandwidth in major cities," said Kunal Raul, G.M. Marketing at TP-LINK India. "We are thrilled by the response we got from Clan Wars. Going forward we have plans to sponsor such gaming events every quarter and venture with an e-sports team to encourage e-sports in India. We would like to applaud and wish success for new champions of Clan Wars, Team Brutality."

Ashwin, CEO at Cyber Gaming Entertainment said, "Clan Wars, with time have been exploring opportunities for gamers. With every season, we are growing the scale of the event because we believe in continuing with the same sync we started with. Coming once a year does not makes sense, so we have planned for 3 seasons for this year, happening in each quarter of the year. Season 5 was the first step towards national battle. We shall come up with more such initiatives and make sure the e-sports in India is growing rapidly."

Ankit Panth a.k.a 'V3nom', Captain of Team Brutality said, "It's good to see brands like TP-LINK coming forward and helping the Indian E-sports scene. When brands of this stature come in, it also proves that there is huge potential in the market. Clan Wars season 5 was a wonderful event and I would like to thank TP-LINK for showing their support. We at Team Brutality wish them lots of success and hope to see them firing at the coming events."

Clan Wars also witnessed a peek into the trends and future of modern Wi-Fi technologies. TP-LINK displayed its best in class Archer series routers such as Archer D9, Archer C2600 which comes with the next generation 11ac Wi-Fi standard exclusively suitable for gaming . Dual-band routers are must for gamers who have networks with multiple devices accessing the Internet connection at one time and who want to play wirelessly. With a dual-band router, gamers can reserve the 5GHz band for devices used for wireless gaming and computers/devices that do nothing more than surf the Internet or check email can connect at 2.4 GHz.