Canadian International School becomes fully solar-powered institution

The Canadian International School (CIS) celebrated its establishment and accomplishments over the past 20 years with a grand carnival. As CIS celebrated this incredible milestone, the day was dedicated to 20 years of excellence in International Education, and its achievements.

Being the first school to offer IB Diploma in Bangalore, CIS started one of a kind Contextual Learning Program and became the first fully iPad integrated school in Bangalore.

Adding another first to its credit, CIS has completely switched to solar energy to harvest and source electricity to meet all on campus electricity needs. With many firsts to their credit, CIS has aspired to take the best of India to the rest of the world, and bring the best of rest of the world into India. They have also been rated as the 5th best international schools in India. With the vision to provide excellence in International education, CIS has been successful in imparting quality education by integrating the latest technologies and learning methodologies in international education.

To celebrate this achievements and milestones in unison, CIS hosted a carnival and a barbeque party. There were 1000 plus people, comprising of students, parents and extended families who came together to rejoice in this occasion. The extended family members, who play an equally important role in the students’ upbringing, were welcomed warmly by the CIS community as an expression of appreciation and gratitude towards their contribution.
Rides and games like ‘Rodeo Cowboy’, ‘Columbus Ship’, ‘Circus Punk Toss’ and so on, gave the students a warm day filled with fun and frolic. Aspiring chefs of tomorrow tried hands at the open barbeque stations.

“It's absolutely fantastic to be celebrating 20 years of CIS! I have seen the school grow leaps and bounds in so many aspects over the years and I am truly proud of what we have achieved as a school and where we stand today. As we celebrate the school’s 20th anniversary, we are proud to be the first school in Bangalore to completely switch to solar energy for our electricity needs. Our solar panels produce up to 300 KW per hour. CIS is officially carbon positive for electricity usage!” said Shweta Sastri, Executive Director of Canadian International School, Bangalore.

Speaking on the celebrations, she added, “The celebrations on campus were fantastic! Students, teachers, parents, and support staff, all had a great time. Here's to the next 20 years!”

“CIS provides the platform to children to live their dreams and make them believe that no dream is too far to fetch”, said a parent.

In the last two decades, CIS has created a world of its own, building unity amongst diverse culture and nationalities. The day was also celebrated with grandeur to exult CIS’ shared mission of “Shaping the future… together! Today!”