Times Internet acquires Get Me A Shop to enable SMBs with an all-in-one solution

Times Internet  (TIL) has acquired the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Small Business Enablement platform Get Me A Shop (www.GetMeAShop.com) for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition will help TIL to further enhance their offerings to their consumers across different verticals, thus paving way to a greater customer connect and providing them with a one stop solution for all their digital needs.

GMAS, since inception in 2014, has impacted over 1,800 businesses across the country. Using the platform, offline businesses can quickly create their website and mobile app and manage them without any technical knowhow. The platform also lets businesses and individuals such as designers, retailers, restaurants etc. set up an online store with ability to enable online payments and logistic services on-demand.

Once online, the management dashboard provides a host of business metrics, information and add on services including built-in Analytics, Inventory Management, Marketing Campaigns via SMS, E-mail, Social accounts and Customer Engagement Suite bringing together a powerful set of applications entirely under one roof. This process in turn removes the pain of integrating different services and enables businesses to focus on what they do best. Moreover, this comprehensive set of applications can be setup in a matter of minutes following a simple wizard based process, making it extremely easy for anyone to adopt and leverage technology to boost their business.

TIL’s powerful reach in the SMB segment will help GMAS bring millions of such merchants and offline businesses online quickly, it will also pave way for these merchants to advertise to their target customers locally. With their innovative and easy to use technology, GMAS aims to bridge the offline-online gap for these businesses and be a leader in this space.

Talking on this occasion, Pushkal Srivastava, Founder, GMAS said, “In the past couple of years, we have helped hundreds of customers across multiple verticals, bringing them online and helping them grow. Having a strong focus on technology since inception, we have built a world-class product from scratch using bleeding edge technologies while ensuring that it is really easy to use. With Times Internet, we hope to reach scale with the extensive network of businesses they work with.”

 Abhishek Gupta, Head of TLabs, added, “We have been observing the growth of this business since they were part of 4th batch of TLabs. Seeing the team's passion and execution       we have taken the decision to bring them on board. We see a lot of synergies with the businesses within TIL and GMAS.”
“Get Me a Shop is a full stack platform that enables merchants across all segments participate in the E-Commerce revolution in India, and we are very excited about the work the    founding team has put in”, said Miten Sampat, VP of Corp Development.  

GMAS will continue to operate as a startup without affecting its current set of customers. “We’d like to thank our customers, investors and mentors for helping us reach where we                 are today. We have a very exciting product roadmap to march ahead in our mission to empower SMBs – the journey has just begun, Srivastava further added.”