MapR launches MapR Streams

MapR Technologies claimed the industry’s first and only converged data platform and introduced MapR Streams, a reliable, global event streaming system that connects data producers and data consumers across shared topics of information. The MapR Converged Data Platform integrates file, database, stream processing, and analytics to accelerate data-driven applications and address emerging IoT (Internet of Things) needs.

The integration of MapR Streams into a converged platform enables organizations in any industry to continuously collect, analyze and act on streaming data. From advertisers providing relevant real-time offers, to healthcare providers improving personalized treatment, to retailers optimizing inventory, to telecom carriers dynamically adjusting mobile service areas, organizations must improve their responsiveness to critical events with the continuous analysis of big data.

According to Gartner, “Even as traditional workloads become progressively more optimized, entirely new ones are arising, notably from the emergence of IoT dataflows – that will dwarf previous volume and velocity demands and demand new stacks of hardware, networking and especially information management technology for processing, securing and distributing new varieties of data.”1

“MapR is at the forefront of designing solutions for data-centric businesses as they operate today and provides the best big data platform with a core architecture in place to successfully address modern data challenges,” said Michael Brown, CTO, comScore. “Our system analyzes over 65 billion new events a day, and MapR Streams is built to ingest and process these events in real time, opening the doors to a new level of product offerings for our customers.”

MapR Streams can easily scale to handle massive data flows and long-term persistence while providing enterprise features such as high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), security, and full data protection. 

“We continue to be impressed with the innovative new features MapR has been integrating into its data platform,” said Brad Anderson, vice president, big data informatics, Liaison Technologies. “Our customers are in regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, which have incredibly demanding security, compliance and agility requirements. We are seeing the converged MapR platform with MapR Streams delivering more real-time data services to our users, while enhancing those important criteria.”

Unlike other approaches that create data silos across multiple systems and lack the required enterprise-grade features and global replication, only MapR natively integrates data-in-motion and data-at-rest in one converged data platform. As a result, MapR enables developers to create new, innovative applications that reduce data duplication and movement, lower the cost of integration and maintenance associated with multiple platforms, and accelerate business results.

“Bringing together world-class Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark with a top-ranked NoSQL database and now continuous, reliable streaming with global scale is a huge step forward in enabling enterprise developers to create the next-gen apps using big data,” said Anil Gadre, senior vice president, product management, MapR Technologies.  “MapR continues to execute on its vision of making it easy for enterprises to get the competitive edge from big data by bringing together all of the essential components.”