8000 programmers battle it out in mega Adobe Hackathon

Adobe in partnership with HackerRank recently concluded one of the largest hackathons for young developers and programmers in India till date. The event witnessed massive participation with over 8,000 programmers registering for the event from top colleges across the nation. The closely-fought competition saw Harshil Shah from IIT Indore crowned champion winning a cash prize of 1.5 lakh followed by Anurag Anand from IIT Kharagpur in second place and Utkarsh Saxena from IIT-Indore third respectively.

With an increasing number of Hackathons being conducted online, global technology giants like Adobe, are able to identify potential world class coders from India and around the world while contributing to the development of a rich learning environment that challenge passionate young and upcoming professionals to grow and develop the skills needed to help build successful careers in the IT industry “By creating an online, efficient and fast process of coding evaluation, HackerRank has simplified the talent identification process for large organizations enabling them to save significant costs and resources. HackerRank is also providing opportunities to coders at different locations in India to compete on a common platform, increasing their competitiveness and coding skillsets”, says Harishankaran Karunanidhi, co-founder, HackerRank.

Abdul Jaleel, Vice President, People Resources India, Adobe stated, “Adobe’s focus on creating world class digital experiences are driven by the creativity and innovation that our young technology professionals bring to the table. Hackathons such as these, not only offer students an opportunity to be a part of this process but also provides aspiring developers and programmers the ideal platform to test their skills against their peers. We are thrilled with the overwhelming response for the event and hope to continue to provide students in India with similar platforms to enhance their skills.”

The contest saw participation from 16 IITs, including IIT Roorkee wherein 272 students participated, followed by IIT Bhubaneswar, registering 263 participants from the college. Overall the event witnessed participation from over 260 colleges pan India.

HackerRank, through their coding community has been helping to bridge the gap between organizations and top tech talent talent. With over a million programmers in the community, companies often partner with HackerRank as they see this as an opportunity to showcase their technology capabilities in front of an eager, competitive programming crowd as well as to attract the best upcoming talent.