WinMagic unveils Secure Doc Cloud Sync for cloud security

WinMagic announced the availability of SecureDoc CloudSync, security software that encrypts files at the endpoint before they are synchronized to enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) services across a range of enterprise platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. SecureDoc CloudSync extends WinMagic’s endpoint intelligent key management capability to provide organizations with full control by using a single key manager for all their enterprise needs. Prompting the delivery of policy-based enterprise control over encryption and key management of files stored in the cloud, SecureDoc CloudSync maintains user productivity without hindering security or compliance.

While EFSS services dramatically improve the productivity of enterprise employees and third-party contractors and consultants by allowing files to be easily stored and shared outside corporate firewalls, they raise security and regulatory compliance concerns. Several risks exist, the most possible being if a user’s cloud service credentials are compromised, corporate data can be exposed. Also, the vulnerability of unencrypted files while in transport to and from the cloud creates a data leakage scenario.

SecureDoc CloudSync eliminates these risks by encrypting files at the endpoint before they are saved in the cloud. The company controls the encryption keys, which are assigned and revoked based on company controlled policy. If the cloud service is compromised, or if a given cloud instance is moved to a different geographic location, the files remain encrypted and can be accessed at any given point in time.

“The undeniable convenience of EFSS solutions runs head on into the desires of IT staff and compliance officers to closely control sensitive data in an auditable way, and SecureDoc CloudSync removes risks inherent to EFSS,” said Mark Hickman, Chief Operating Officer at WinMagic. “With the solution, companies can encrypt files so that the encryption stays with the file in the cloud. By managing the keys, the IT teams are the finally authority as to the security of their corporate data.”

SecureDoc CloudSync leverages WinMagic’s nearly two decades of experience developing encryption and encryption key management solutions. For that reason, the solution benefits from WinMagic’s intelligent key management approach. SecureDoc simplifies the management of encryption keys for cloud file security alongside other full disk encryption methods on a given endpoint. And when sharing files within the enterprise, SecureDoc CloudSync does not require additional end-user passwords, ensuring a seamless experience.
SecureDoc CloudSync is available immediately as part of SecureDoc 7.1. Its starting base price is 995 INR per device. Interested customers and partners should visit here.

Beyond encrypting cloud-based files, SecureDoc CloudSync customers can capitalize on many popular features inherent to SecureDoc. Customers have deployed the solution to manage BitLocker, a popular encryption method from Microsoft; BitLocker users that leverage SecureDoc are able to avoid the handful of issues related to encryption, such as password-reset and user provisioning challenges. SecureDoc can also manage other encryption methods, such as Trusted Computer Group (TCG) Opal drives, Apple’s FileVault 2 and SecureDoc’s own FIPS 140-2 certified software encryption. SecureDoc is therefore compatible with the most advanced storage approaches and common operating systems without experiencing any of the hassles typically associated with encryption management.