WidasConcepts sets shop in India

WidasConcepts, a consulting company which offers Big Data and IoT solutions, announced that it has started India operations. The India operations will build powerful end to end engineering team that will take on products and projects in Big Data & IoT space directly.

Mr Thomas Widmann, CEO - Global at WidasConcepts said, "With India growing rapidly in the Digital arena on all fronts, i.e. Web, mobile and cloud, we see this market growing among the fastest in the world. There is a need to customize technology solutions for the Indian demands where we see a lot of business potential. This will mean that the best practices of our global centers will be replicated such that core products and technologies is done here and will leverage the innovations built in India."

Big Data market is among the fastest growing segments in the world with 83% YoY growth rate and the current estimated market size of $1 billion 2015*. For WidasConcepts there is a potential to tailor technology solutions for the demands of Indian market with its services portfolio of Big Data and IoT.

Mr Vishwa Kiran, CEO - India at WidasConcepts said, "We see big potential for our Big Data and IoT expertise in India and nearby regions which use English as business language such as Middle East, Singapore and South East Asia. With many industries like healthcare, financial, online commerce there is a glut of data that needs real time action and insights. Companies today have reached a bottleneck in handling such huge data streams and provide smooth user experiences that will help them retain and attract customers. Our expertise will fill these requirements with technology solutions that we have built over the years. Widas is already helping customers in verticals like automotive industry and Heath care that are leveraging our Big Data and mobility offerings."

Headquarters in Germany, WidasConcepts, India has currently 30 employees and recruiting to be 50 in FY 16 and will ramp into about 70 in the next year. WidasConcepts has continuously reinvested in product development and has introduced cutting-edge technology and innovation in the WidasConcepts line of Big Data and IoT products, so that the customers continue to get maximum benefit.