Top 5 Android Apps to meet Last-minute requirements

Thanks to the ever growing speedy m-commerce world, from urgent requirements like medicines to hunger pangs, apps have made everything only a matter of minutes. Here are top five apps for those who are mostly running against time.

Medicines – Pluss: This Gurgaon-based startup allows users to buy medicines through its app. Users can upload a photo of their prescription, and then the app lets them select and order individual medicines from their prescription. Orders are delivered to a user within 60 minutes of them receiving an order confirmation SMS.

For you hunger pang - foodpanda: From favorite Indian delicacies to international cuisines, foodpanda is one changing the face of online and app food industry. With more than 1 million downloads, this app has already reached out to 200 cities in India.

For all you household chores – From delivering medicines and event tickets to picking up cheques and assisting with automobile repairs, GetMyPeon will do everything that you probably struggle with because of lack of time. They promise same-day delivery service on specific routes, with packages for execution of tasks within two hours. Services start from Rs 200.            

For urgent Blood requirements - Lookup: A Hyper-local messaging app which has tie-up with the Blood banks in Bangalore. It lets you locate the nearest blood banks & enquire about the availabiliy or any blood group, all over chat. The app focusses on Chat being the most simple and convenient medium of communication. With a guarantee of getting a response within 5 minutes, it eliminates the unnecessary need of calls.

For last minute gift deliveries- Scootsy: Scootsy is the solution for busy, time-strapped urbanites that need stuff delivered within 60 minutes. You can buy gifts and clothes at a moment’s notice from stores and boutiques in Mumbai. It also helps you get suggestions and buy gifts at a short notice.