Skyscape Cloud Services Announces Continued G-Cloud Success

Skyscape Cloud Services, an easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave assured cloud services company, announced that its full range of assured cloud services will be available on the latest iteration of the G-Cloud Framework – G-Cloud 7.

Skyscape is committed to supporting public sector digital transformation and recognises how important service performance and customer support are to its customers who deliver critical services to citizens. As a result, the company is announcing various new service enhancements will be available for its customers on G7.

“As a firm supporter of G-Cloud, we welcome the latest iteration and are pleased to confirm that our full range of accredited services will be available via G-Cloud 7,” said Simon Hansford, CEO of Skyscape Cloud Services. “We are introducing a number of enhancements to our services in order to support our public sector customers in delivering cost-effective and secure transactional services to citizens. We have developed these in line with our customers’ feedback, which demonstrates our continued and exclusive commitment to the UK public sector.”

Skyscape has made a significant investment in developing its catalogue of cloud services. For instance, its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Hadoop in the Cloud now offers the choice of either Cloudera or Hortonworks distributions, along with additional flexibility options to cater for varying big data workloads. Skyscape is the UK’s first certified Cloudera Hadoop Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider for the public sector.

Skyscape is launching a new cloud credits capability, to meet the customer requirement to know how much they’ll be invoiced and when. Organisations may purchase cloud credits up front and redeem them against Skyscape’s services over a maximum two year period, benefiting public sector organisations who need to effectively commit their CAPEX or budget spend in advance. Monthly usage will be deducted from the balance until all credits have been used.

Skyscape will now also offer a new Premier Support service option to provide a more personalised support experience for customers with large or complex solutions. Customers subscribing to this option will be assigned a designated Technical Account Manager who will work pro-actively with customers to optimise their solution as well as help with problem solving. Customers will also receive onsite bespoke training (including advice on DevOps), tailored workshops, performance analysis and solution suggestions, and quarterly reporting and reviews.

“As cloud computing continues to be widely adopted by the public sector for more complex projects, we have responded to customer requirements to provide technical support for these more complicated solutions, particularly to customers who may not have in-house cloud expertise readily available.” continued Hansford.

As with previous G-Cloud iterations, Skyscape has made further improvements to its SLAs, increasing the SLA for its Compute-as-a-Service Test & Development and Essential service options to 99.95 percent and increased the SLA for its Hadoop PaaS service to 99.90 percent. Furthermore, Skyscape is also extending its collaboration with Neustar to ensure its industry-leading security assurance standards are both maintained and extended with the availability of additional services.

Skyscape has always offered a pay-by-the-hour usage model across its catalogue of assured cloud services and for G-Cloud 7 is also reducing some prices of its Compute-as-a-Service and Hadoop in the Cloud offerings.