SandSIV partners with KNIME to deliver predictive analytics to customer experience management

SandSIV recently announced their partnership with KNIME to deliver predictive analytics to customer experience management. Since 2008, they have been delivering an end-to-end Customer Experience Management platform and a Voice-of-the-Customer platform to blue chip customers all over Europe. The goal of the partnership is to move Customer Experience Management methodology to the next level, integrating predictive analytics. 

This evolution will put organizations in a position to really act on Customer Experience Management activities to drastically reduce churn and increase sales. KNIME has been delivering since 2004 an open source platform integrating various machine learning and data mining algorithms into its modular data pipelining concept.

A SandSIV spokesperson explains that this predictive analytics integration allows SandSIV clients to capture and measure what Gartner (NYSE: IT) calls the inferred voice of the customer. Customers rarely tell directly what organizations need to hear to improve the touchpoints user experience, but their actions speak louder than words. Analytics models exploit the customers’ data to deeply understand the inferred voice of the customer. The ability to easily integrate predictive analytics allows organizations not only to predict churn, but also in unsealing or cross-selling opportunities. They will be able to assess the satisfaction or the willingness to recommend from the 80% of the customers that usually don’t answer to surveys.

During a recent interview, Federico Cesconi, CEO of SandSIV, made these comments: “I see this partnership as a strategic milestone for our clients. Today it will finally be possible to proactively manage the Customer Experience, and not just for customers answering a survey or commenting in a social network. Predictive analytics will score the whole customer base helping organizations to massively reduce churn and increase share-of-wallet.” He goes on to say: “I consider KNIME the number one analytics platform and a partner with such a high level of professionalism that it will bring our Customer Experience Management solution to the next level.” Both Companies strongly believes in what they call‚ “Open For Innovation”, in a few words, the ability of any IT solution to be easily integrated, or to offer a service to an existing legacy system.

“We are very happy to welcome SandSIV into the KNIME partner network,” said Michael Berthold, KNIME CEO. “Knowing the great and long technical experience of SandSIV in the field of Customer Intelligence, we are looking forward to a very promising collaboration”.