PepperTap to launch its new campaign ‘Bahut Aasaan Hai’

PepperTap, India’s grocery delivery service based out of Gurgaon, has launched the Bahut Aasaan Hai campaign that has been released through YouTube, social media handles, radio and print. The campaign will effectively carry the brand messaging of PepperTap being the easiest and most convenient option – the PepperTap mobile application works like a breeze with the experience being similar to that of buying from an actual grocery store. The campaign will run for two months between November and December. As a part of the three-video series, two of them are already on air while the third one will be rolled out in a few weeks.

The theme of the Bahut Aasaan Hai campaign revolves around a typical husband-wife tussle that breaks out each time she runs out of pantry staples like vegetables, staples, spices or other items like diapers, ketchup, soft drinks or her favourite moisturiser! This is a comic take on a household scenario that we all know too well. As the frenzied wife loses her cool, the harrowed husband must procure the groceries at the drop of a hat. The simplest way to solve this? Install the PepperTap app, click at all the options and the groceries get delivered right at the doorstep – within two hours. No need for the husband to brave the traffic and go to a departmental store with a never-ending list any more. PepperTap’s life-saver of an app will make sure that there’s a well-stocked kitchen and a happy wife at all times!

A series of three videos have been shot with inputs from Options Design creative agency. They have been produced by Teal Films with Keyur Shah’s adept direction skills adding that zing to connect with the target audience. The idea of the campaign is to highlight the journey from being a traditional shopper to a smart one. The story is told from the perspective of a distressed husband who makes this transition by simply adopting the PepperTap app. The first video, where the husband is clueless, carefully introduces the app to him. The second one takes over with him slowly getting the hang of it. The third and final one however, will show him efficiently using the app to make his life simpler.

Talking about the relevance of this new campaign on social media, Ms. Tahseen Quadri, VP Marketing, PepperTap said, “This is an attempt at reaching out to our target audience. We believe that the power of our service needs to be conveyed effectively to the right people. So, there’s nothing that works better than a well thought of campaign, to create that recall we have in mind. Our objective is to connect with couples, nuclear families, bachelors and masses – all of whom can save so much time and energy by buying their monthly groceries from PepperTap. We want to reinforce the fact that using PepperTap means spending more time with family while not worrying about grocery shopping.”

With the campaign, the brand aspires to become the top player in the grocery delivery segment. So far, PepperTap has left no stone unturned in proving that it wants to capture that market share by giving its customers the very best when it comes to quality. Its mega sales, grocery festival and steal-deals have become quite a hit with its regular users who love a great bargain. This campaign will only consolidate its position further by generating more buzz and attracting new users who have reluctantly stuck to the traditional way of shopping for groceries.