New Brandintell Services for Marketing Investments Management launched

Mediaware has launched Brandintell Services targeted at large corporate marketing. Already in use by paints major, Asian Paints Ltd, Brandintell Services help manage marketing investments, strategy, execution and analytics, using a customized approach.

Whatever be the marketing strategy, marketers need to balance their marketing investment portfolios regularly - based on performance, changing environment and new opportunities. To facilitate this, Brandintell Services help capture all data related to marketing investments in   systematic manner. This includes data from marketing process automation and sales automation as well as third-party databases such retail audits, competition data, media data, etc.

Biswajit Das, CEO, Mediaware Infotech Pvt. Ltd. said, "Brandintell will revolutionize the way a CMO works. It saves time, provides clean, high-level data for in-depth analysis by the organization and brings transparency. And as everybody knows, transparency discourages wastage."

Brandintell Services help manage marketing investments efficiently by tracking ROI by brand & market - to track sales realized and investments by markets, checking competition benchmarks - to keep ahead of the competition, and increase data collaboration with ad / media agency and other BTL vendors among various other features.

K Raghavendra, Director, Mediaware Infotech Pvt. Ltd. said,"Brandintell services offers a set of IT enabled services and databases which help to convert marketing into private knowledge portal - with no additional efforts from marketing department. We are currently working on an ambitious 'What if?' module for managing marketing investments. We also provide in-depth analytics as a service."