NEC launches Customer Experience Solution

NEC Europe announced a new solution to help telecoms operators and communication service providers (CSPs) improve customer experience. NEC provides a single, unified solution across the network, service and customer layers, designed to reduce cost and churn, and to increase ARPU and differentiation.

Taking a holistic approach, NEC combines its professional services and IT and network experience (fixed and mobile) with its industry-leading, automated big data analytics tools. This enables it to deliver a predictive and preventative solution, rather than a standalone network optimisation service that is commonly offered to CSPs today.

Traditional variables such as voice and video quality, coverage, SMS reliability, data throughput and responsiveness are combined with innovation from NEC Labs to provide a service that can be aligned directly to the subscriber experience, and therefore to the CSP’s business.

“Many different factors affect customer experience, and only end-to-end analytics can provide reliable, proactive problem avoidance,” said Ian Ashford, GM & Head of Carrier Solution Sales, NEC Europe. “NEC’s new solution and services provide the comprehensive view and proven analytics expertise that operators need to improve customer experience. Where customer experience is improved, this means that end users subscribe to additional services and are less likely to churn, and the operator increases their profitability”

The new solution is built on three areas of NEC’s expertise: data, analytics and visualisation. The company takes a vendor- and technology-agnostic approach, and can provide a managed service for the operator, or engage at a consultancy level to deliver recommendations for the operator to implement themselves.

In the network layer, smart connectivity is achieved by using crowd sourced data and analytics to proactively identify problem areas and network issues. This information can then be used to deliver cost effective solutions to target where investment in new sites should go to improve service quality.

The provision of video and data services is optimized through a tight synergy/orchestration between the service layer and the Radio Access Network (RAN). Through the analysis of historical data and real traffic information, NEC can predict network congestion and resource availability, and apply service parameters optimization accordingly.

In the customer layer, NEC uses data mining tools and big data to accurately predict subscribers who are likely to churn due to problems such as dropped calls and slow data speeds, and proposes targeted marketing campaigns, where necessary, to prevent them moving to another provider. NEC delivers this through its industry leading “Heterogeneous Mixture Learning” algorithms that enable the automatic detection of hidden laws in complex structured and unstructured data sets, providing automatic identification of complex patterns, highly accurate predictions and time sensitive insights.