Matrix42 survey highlights lack of clarity over enterprise mobility strategy in IT departments

Matrix42 revealed that a survey into enterprise mobility trends and challenges has confirmed there is a lack of clarity when it comes to enterprise mobility strategy in IT departments. Additionally, there is a gap between what companies intend to do and their actions in addressing this important infrastructure issue.

Key findings from the research, which was conducted amongst 198 decision makers at enterprise mobility events in Summer 2015 include:

·         Less than half of organisations surveyed felt they had a clear enterprise mobility strategy in place
·         Almost a third of organisations have no enterprise mobility management solution in place, planned budgets for mobility projects are increasing
·         Mobile IT also has a very high priority in the near future
·         Most respondents believe that increased productivity is a key advantage of increased investment in mobile technology
·         Security was identified by 57% as the leading consideration with for mobility projects alongside BYOD and control over applications

The research highlighted five key challenges that IT departments must tackle effectively:

1.    Enabling simple, secure scalable mobility that maximises employee productivity
2.    Making the corporate IT experience easier and smarter for users to eliminate the need for Shadow IT
3.    Guaranteeing the protection of user privacy on devices that are used privately and at work
4.    Enabling users to work on their preferred devices
5.    Ensuring the security of sensitive corporate data across networks and devices.

James Johnson, UK Country Manager at Matrix42 said “Enabling employees to boost productivity and performance using their preferred technology at a time and place of their choosing is only going to become more important in order for businesses to stay competitive. However, whilst most IT departments recognise this, and are prepared to invest in mobile IT, many are not sure what their strategy should be and which technology management solutions they need. Organisations need to be proactive and take the first steps to addressing this by assessing their current and future needs and investing in a holistic enterprise mobility solution.”