LEOMASTER launches LEO Privacy Guard 3.0, a Mobile Privacy Protection app

LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 Renewal, concept of "Mobile privacy protection" initially proposed by LEOMASTER in China, is a new version that focuses on Mobile Internet privacy protection and resolves common and in depth problems. The app contains six functions for protecting privacy such as Privacy Security Scan, Safe Box, WiFi Security Scan, Anti-theft, Break-in Alert, Shortcut Assistant, which have realized comprehensive privacy protection from the source and integrated core functions. We will introduce this major transformation from the prospective of functions and interfaces.

To know the mobile privacy status by scanning – LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 provides privacy status scan function, which can quickly identify the potential risks in your cell phones via touching it, and a solution will be provided to optimize if there are potential privacy and security risks. Users just need to follow the process to handle, which is simple and easy to use.

Seek privacy with public Wi-Fi - In order to save traffic and access quicker, Wi-Fi has become our essential part in a variety of situations. LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 has provides WIFI Security function, which can monitor WIFI connection security and SSL encryption, and can identify and recommend blocking unsafe WIFI connection in advance when users perform various behaviors, thus effectively preventing the exposure of privacy.

Quickly hide the privacy - There is no doubt that most people with a sense of privacy protection will use this function to hide private information. However, the essential to hide the privacy is the simple operation rather than the nimble hand. Safebox enables to hide all the multimedia files while shortcut assistant calls the common hidden features with one key.

For the lost phones - Anti-theft function can lock, locate the mobile phone and delete private information after it is lost, thus enabling to trace and find the lost phone; at the same time, Break- in Alert can identify and take photo of intruders after exceeding the limit of typing the wrong password; you can have full know of your mobile phone and perform fast locking when anyone invades your cell phone under unknown circumstances.

About the company: Leomaster is a Mobile Internet service provider, committing to provide every user around the world with better mobile online surfing experience. The name Leomaster was inspired by the Internet-based phrase ‘Link Everything Online’. Founded in July 2014, Leomaster operates branches in Shenzhen, Beijing, San Francisco, Hong Kong and India. In August 2014, Leomaster received tens of millions RMB in its angle round of financing from ZhengWei Group which is one of fortune 500 enterprises world-wide. In November 2014, our first product named LEO Privacy Guard was launched.