Lenovo & Motorola showcase tomorrow’s Smartphone technology

Lenovo & Motorola, together highlighted the key consumer pain points faced by today’s Smartphone consumer and how the two brands are combining innovation resources to alleviate these problems. The event, hosted by the President of the Mobile business group, Chen Xudong along with the global product leads, showcased an impressive range of Smartphone technology. The team demonstrated upcoming technologies like World’s fastest charging, software enhancements and innovations in smart cameras.

“India is an extremely important market for Lenovo”, said Chen Xudong. “Over the last two years, our innovations have seen tremendous success in the Indian market and this has enabled us to reach the #4 position last quarter. We are working towards sustaining this growth in the coming years and it all starts with getting the right products.”

Kouji Kodera, Senior Vice President, Product management, Motorola Mobility added “Indian Smartphone consumers are very discerning, and we need to people to develop products that delight them every single day, in every single interaction. People today have very special relationships with their phones, and all of our innovation is dedicated to making this most important technology relationship as the best that it can be."

During the event, Lenovo and Motorola teams demonstrated various software and hardware innovations such as Active Display that shows the notifications important to you at a glance along with Moto Voice that provides unparalleled control via voice commands. Quick capture allows you to access your phones camera with a flick of the wrist to make sure you never miss a moment. Even when the screen is locked.

The team also demonstrated the world’s fastest Smartphone charging technology capable of giving you up to 8 hours of usage with just a 15 minutes of charging.

Another cutting-edge innovation on display was Lenovo’s smartcast concept phone. A breakthrough Smartphone that can project the phone’s display on any surface and let users touch and interact with the projection. With a combination of the world’s first laser projector and high-accuracy IR sensors, the smartcast concept phone can project a keyboard on a table, let you play a game or even be used as dual screens.