Evorio selects Datum Datacentres for service-assured co-location

Evorio is a dynamic Hampshire based IT managed services company specialising in total Cloud solutions and CRM. Certified Microsoft Professionals, the Evorio team has a combined 50 years experience in understanding how technology should fit in with the business.

Founded in 2008, Evorio has a consistent client-focus, leveraging real world experience to benefit their clients and placing great emphasis on openness and interaction with their clients. Although they already had infrastructure within a third party data centre, in early 2015 the team started to seek another data centre partner to provide them with the assurity of service they required to support their clients.

Richard Sharp, Evorio Managing Director, explains: “Evorio is committed to providing the best solutions for our clients and as we continue to grow and expand our customer base, it is important that our data centre provider can aptly support our service with a secure and resilient solution. When we set up our initial visit to Datum, we had in mind that this could be our secondary site, but having seen the facility, reviewed the high levels of security and assessed the built in resilience we began to see that Datum FRN1 could become our main data centre. Adding the level of client-focused service and the proactive nature of the team to the physical assurity on offer and we decided that we had found a primary partner to support our business success.”

Evorio signed with Datum in the summer of 2015 to house the infrastructure for their managed IT services, application hosting, and CRM. Summarising their experience of the first few months with Datum. Richard adds: “Selecting Datum certainly feels like we have made the right choice. Not only is the facility designed to deliver efficient and resilient co-location, it is well managed and well run, inspiring confidence in its ability to support our clients’ businesses. The Datum team have been very helpful in ironing out any initial glitches and the highly secure site expands the nature of client we can support.”

Commenting on the addition of Evorio to FRN1, Dominic Phillips, Managing Director of Datum, commented: “Datum is delighted to welcome Evorio to the Datum community. Datum’s business model is to provide a co-location data centre that meets the needs of IT service providers and end-user enterprises and we have a truly mixed client base, from market leading FTSE250 and Fortune 500 names to exciting younger businesses that are still building market share. Despite the differences, the majority of our clients share a recognition of the value of Datum’s total offering, combining service enhanced co-location with 360 embedded security, in a high performance connection-rich data centre. Evorio’s endorsement of Datum further corroborates our offering and we look forward to a long partnership.”