Brocade Claims Comprehensive New IP Solution

Brocade announced new Network Visibility solutions and a partner ecosystem to empower mobile network operators with critical insights into the traffic within their networks, while also transitioning their visibility infrastructures from being closed and monolithic to software-enabled, open, and disaggregated.

With an open and software-centric architecture—cornerstones of the New IP—Brocade is redefining visibility infrastructures found in mobile packet cores today, enabling mobile operators to accelerate their journey to an agile infrastructure that can support the explosive data growth and capacity demands of 4G/LTE and future 5G mobile networks.

Mobile network operators are under significant pressure as the declining Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) derived from voice services is not being sufficiently offset by the ARPU growth from mobile data. At the same time, customer adoption of Over-The-Top (OTT) services—such as video—is exploding, requiring even more network capacity and performance. This trend is driving the build-out of 4G/LTE networks and early planning for the upcoming deployment of 5G. In these transitions, mobile operators are increasingly relying on visibility and analytics to both control costs and enable new premium services and revenue streams. Unfortunately, traditional visibility infrastructures were not designed to support the latest generation of mobile networks.

Brocade’s innovative approach to building an open, software-enabled visibility infrastructure addresses this key challenge. The Brocade Network Visibility product family includes:

Brocade MLXe Packet Brokers and Brocade ICX Packet Brokers: A comprehensive family of packet brokers to address the wide range of density, performance, and programmability needs of Tier-1 mobile operators
Brocade Virtual Packet Broker: The industry’s first full-featured, virtual TAP/packet broker for vEPC environments
Brocade Session Director: Software-based separation of mobile control flow processing in the visibility network to deliver maximum scalability, real-time programmability of packet brokers, and enhanced network intelligence
Brocade Packet Probes: Software-based, scalable, wire-speed packet processing engines that decode and reduce mobile bearer and control traffic to extract and deliver essential metadata required by network monitoring and analytics solutions
Brocade Visibility Manager: A single-pane-of-glass management application for the entire Brocade Network Visibility solution
Open APIs: Application programming interfaces between Brocade and third-party components to help ensure freedom of choice at each layer of the visibility infrastructure
This combined solution transforms the mobile operator visibility infrastructure to unlock new levels of agility and choice. The software-driven approach also delivers real-time programmability of the packet brokers, and a dynamic, scale-out architecture that supports an unprecedented 100 million subscribers per packet core.

“Through the Brocade Network Visibility product family, Brocade is now empowering mobile network operators to optimize their visibility and analytics environments in ways they were unable to before,” said Jason Nolet, senior vice president, Switching, Routing, and Analytics Products Group, Brocade. “The network visibility approach we deliver alleviates the challenges of operating a diverse visibility environment, and brings a software-enabled infrastructure and open architecture to the forefront of mobile operator visibility networks.”

To accelerate adoption and foster innovation in network visibility and analytics solutions, Brocade is building a diverse partner ecosystem. Launching with Viavi Solutions, EMC, Guavus, and Avvasi, the Brocade Network Visibility partner ecosystem aims to provide greater choice and value for mobile operators through best-in-class solutions and third-party interoperability at every layer of the visibility infrastructure.