Ceph Community forms advisory board to advance Software-Defined Storage Innovation

The Ceph Community, the worldwide collection of developers working to build the popular Ceph software-defined storage project, today announced the formation of an advisory board to assist the community in driving the direction of open source software-defined storage technology. The advisory board launches with the goal of expanding and enhancing community participation and collaboration for the Ceph project, working closely with the community’s technical and user committees.

The charter advisory board includes Ceph community members from global IT organizations that are committed to the Ceph project, including individuals from Canonical, CERN, Fujitsu, Intel, Red Hat, SanDisk, and SUSE.

With the ability to provide object, block, and file system storage in a single, unified storage cluster, Ceph is well-suited for cloud infrastructures, such as OpenStack. The Ceph Community has grown tremendously over the past several years and, according to the most recent OpenStack Foundation user survey, Ceph is the most popular block storage solution for OpenStack deployments.[1]

Tim Burke, vice president of Infrastructure Engineering Development at Red Hat stated, “Red Hat is all about collaboratively working among communities to accomplish vastly more than any single company could do alone. When we acquired Inktank, Red Hat's commitment was to maintain the spirit and involvement of a diverse set of contributors in Ceph. While that collaboration with community and partner members was strong even on an informal basis, the creation of the Ceph advisory board formalizes this open working relationship. We look forward to working with Ceph's community and partner members to not only add features, but also to improve the integration and ease of use into new workloads.”

The new Ceph Community advisory board is the forum for overall Ceph Community participant cooperation and the orchestration of feedback collection and resource allocation. With quarterly meetings and monthly working group meetings, the Ceph Community advisory board will manage the broad issues and opportunities that are critical to the momentum and success of the Ceph software-defined storage project.

Christian Reis, vice president, Storage & Hyperscale, Canonical, said, "Canonical has driven Ceph from the outset as a key technology in Ubuntu OpenStack and scale-out storage deployments, and we are delighted to participate in the Ceph advisory board to help broaden the input, reach and maturity of Ceph as an enterprise-grade storage platform."