Trunkoz Group enters the cloud storage market with their latest product: QSNova

Trunkoz Group has announced the launch of QSNova, the cloud storage platform designed for personal and professional data storage and secure sharing requirements. QSNova works by the mantra of ‘Sync, Store and Share.’ A cost effective solution with best in class features, more flexibility and control. It’s unique ‘admin control panel’ feature gives the admin full control over the sharing, security and permissions for files between the users. It has no bar on the number of users for a client and will offer various customized packages based on their needs.

“We are thrilled to introduce and showcase QSNova’s excellent features which make us distinctive among the existing competitors”, says Hiren Shah, CEO, QSNova. “For all these years, we have strived to provide customers the best possible products in the market. With passing time, the usage and expectations of a client has changed and people are looking to get more flexibility with full control, particularly in business. This control and flexibility has motivated our entire team to work harder to launch QSNova to end the problems of backup solution.”

With an experience of over 15 years in the IT industry, Trunkoz Group has laid roots in this sector through its various businesses. With the launch of QSNova the company aims to achieve even greater heights.

QSNova’s platform allows the users to sync, store and share their data internally and externally. It assures security and safety of all the data stored and shared with high end encryptions. 

QSNova is built to work according to the users' choice. It is compatible and can be accessed from any device from any corner of the world.

QSNova provides clients with separate clouds to maintain the privacy of their data and to avoid any security cliché. A higher encryption has also been set up to make data outgoing more secure. The team of security researchers at QSNova focus on continuous testing of the application and cloud and patch the issues before they are noticed by others.

QSNova aims to serve SMEs, SMBs and Enterprises with their file backup, sync and fast sharing requirements for unlimited users in a company. SMEs are always in need of such product which is flexible, affordable and can be easily controlled in their organization. QSNova brings them full flexibility and control with this product.