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New Whole Home Wi-Fi System from Tenda supports True Mesh Technology

With the advancement of Wi-Fi dependent gadgets and increase in data usage Connection drop-offs, slow performance and dead spots, most homes in India suffer from these common Wi-Fi problems. The new Nova MW6 True Mesh Wi-Fi system from Tenda Technology, a leading manufacturer of networking devices, has been built to optimise your home network, eliminating connection frustration, by blanketing your home with fast, efficient and stable Wi-Fi coverage.

Mesh technology is growing currently with multiple Mesh devices available in the market, amidst Tenda chose to offer a True Mesh Wi-Fi standard 802.11s, along with this Nova MW6 also supports 802.11v and 802.11r for seamless Wi-Fi Roaming around home.

The ideal solution for improving Wi-Fi reception throughout your home, the Nova MW6 kit, which includes three Wi-Fi nodes as standard in the box, provides wireless coverage for spaces up to 6,000 square feet. Powered by the latest Mesh technology, each node is capable of performing as a router or an extender and connects seamlessly with each other to provide whole home wireless coverage. The nodes have been cleverly designed to look and feel stylish, but more importantly, boast a seamless roaming feature so that you can move freely from room to room without losing Wi-Fi connection for lag-free video calling and internet browsing, and consistent online gaming. 
Creating the ultimate home Wi-Fi network to connect all your phones, computers, tablets and Wi-Fi smart home gadgets couldn’t be simpler. The configuration free Nova MW6 provides an effortless ‘plug and play’ setup experience thanks to its automatic networking feature with all nodes paired to each other straight out of the box. Whilst the companion Mobile App from Tenda provides an abundance of customisable, family-friendly remote features such as; parental controls, password management, user access and guest networking – bringing everything under your control whilst you are at home or away.  

The Nova MW6 performs fast connectivity where conventional routers struggle. Offering significantly better communication efficiency, the Nova MW6 not only includes ‘Smart Auto-path Selection’ technology to ensure a robust wireless network which maximises a faster home internet for ALL users, it also uses cutting-edge ‘Wave2 MU-MIMO’ technology to enable uninterrupted communication with multiple wireless devices simultaneously. Now multiusers can stream, game and download at the same time!

Wi-Fi dead zones are a universal problem with traditional wireless networks but the Nova MW6 delivers phenomenal Wi-Fi coverage. With many traditional network bridges being set up over 2.4 GHz band, they can suffer from strong interference, high instability, heavy transmission loss and low efficiency. However, Nova MW6 can set up network bridges over 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, navigating connection through the optimal band to ensure much faster transmission for a relentless wireless internet experience all the time, every time.

“MW6 is not any ordinary Wi-Fi Router, but is true revolution in Wireless Industry, instead of increasing bandwidth and offering more Mbps to our users from which half of the numbers are never used, we understood our customers’ requirement and designed a True Mesh Device which will really make you think why you didn’t purchase it before. With functionality like Self-organising, Self-discovering, Self-Healing etc., MW6 is a unit which you place once and never need to worry about it again.” Said Mr Frank Rao, G.M. India & SAARC Tenda, “Nova MW6 also works with Alexa giving you the upper hand to control compatible device at command of your voice, we truly believe Mesh technology will change the way we use devices in our homes.” Mr Rao Added.

Price and Availability
The Tenda Nova MW6 Mesh Wi-Fi system is available at 15500 – 16400 INR, Respective to market. Will be available pan India. 

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