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Portronics Offers 8 Unique Gifting Ideas for Your Sisters and Friends

Portronics offers unique gifting ideas this festive season. These products are practically useful, functionally brilliant and elegantly classy and have good discount too.

1.     Your sister/friend is music buff and loves to listen to high quality music. We recommend Portable Multifunctional Bluetooth Speaker like Portronics Dome. Check out other Great options of portable speakers for her.

2.     You sister/friend is mostly online and you are concerned about their safety especially when they are on-the-move. We recommend you gift them small friendly size power bank Portronics Charge Roll that comes with LED light. Check out other Power banks that may also suit their needs.

3.     You want your multi-taker sister/friend to be careful about their health and regularly go for walks or hit the gym. We recommend Portronics Yogg - a smart and sleek Fitness Tracker that will help them stay fit by monitoring their number of steps, calories, distance and quality of sleep.

4.     Your sister/friend drives to work and usually forget to charge their phone which they use most of the time. They would love to use Portronics Car-Power mobile charger. Check out right charger and cable combination here. You can also gift them a car mobile holder Clamp to hold their phone while they drive.

5.     Your sister/friend has kids who love to scribble and doodle. Gift them Portronics Ruffpad – a re-writable LCD e-slate and they will find their flow!

6.     Buy them Portronics Harmonics 202 – an in-ear Bluetooth Stereo earphone with Smart Magnetic-Switch so they can be free from clutter of wires when listening to their favourite music and can receive calls too.

7.     If they have a long commute everyday in public transport or frequently travel out of city, then gift them Portronics Elements U - the stylish laptop bag which has in-built charging port for mobiles/gadgets. They won’t need to carry power bank in their hands and can easily commute hands-free.

8.     You can also give them a family gift like Portronics Sound Sleek – a Portable all-in-one Sound System so they can enjoy TV and Audio shows in a whole new way!

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