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Panasonic Embraces Android for Enterprise mobile devices

With the adoption of Android mobile devices in business growing, Panasonic has launched a range of management and security services for its Android-based rugged Toughpad tablets and handheld devices called COMPASS (Complete Android Services and Security).

Panasonic COMPASS offers businesses everything they need to deploy and manage their rugged Android™ tablets and handhelds securely. It is designed to give businesses the confidence to take advantage of the flexibility offered by an Android™ operating system with the reassurance that Panasonic’s devices are business-ready for applications, management and security. Panasonic Toughpad currently offers a range of market-leading, Android rugged tablet and handheld devices with 4.7, 5, 7, and 10.1 inch screens.

“There are significant opportunities for businesses deploying rugged tablets and handheld devices with Android™ operating systems,” said Jan Kaempfer, General Manager for Marketing for Panasonic Computer Product Solutions. “The increased flexibility, customisation options and deployment costs can be attractive but businesses are cautious because of a lack of knowledge about Android™ in the Enterprise and concerns about management and security. With Panasonic COMPASS we are offering all the flexibility of Android in our market leading, rugged handheld and tablets devices with the confidence of Panasonic tried and tested Enterprise-level applications, management and security. For businesses wishing to embrace Android™, we are here to help with Panasonic COMPASS.”

COMPASS offers 5 essential elements for Enterprises operating Panasonic Android rugged tablet and handheld devices:

COMPASS Custom – The opportunity to customise the Android operating system (OS) to suit business requirements. A customised OS can help provide a customised user interface with improved signal quality, power management, and security options, alongside preinstalled applications, settings and company logos.

COMPASS Air – Consists of FOTA, Advanced FOTA and SCOMO management services.

·         FOTA: Free of charge, Firmware updates Over the Air (FOTA). Firmware updates, security patches, system application upgrades (such as new versions of Chrome or new versions of customer applications, if present in system partition), driver fixes and patches can be pushed over the air as part of this service.
·         Advanced FOTA – A policy management tool for firmware updates. Advanced FOTA allows businesses to manage FOTA operations (e.g. decide when and which policies regulate OS updates) and provides some Mobile Device Management (MDM) and inventory management features.
o    Software Component Management Object (SCOMO) – As part of the Advanced FOTA offering, this function allows businesses to manage software on a remote device, including installation, uninstallation, activation and deactivation of software components over the air.

COMPASS Manager – It consists of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) certifications, licenses and customised MDM applications. Panasonic Android™ models are certified by prominent EMM vendors. EMM certification benefits include applications optimised for Panasonic devices and opportunities for Panasonic exclusive editions of MDM Applications. Models can also be preinstalled with EMM clients to make roll-outs easy.

COMPASS for Work - Enables Android for Work so that businesses can separately and securely manage corporate and personal data and applications on one device – eliminating the need for staff to carry multiple devices for work and personal use.

COMPASS Security - Panasonic certified, 3rd party security solutions to enhance device security. Upon request, all Panasonic Android models can be pre-installed with 3rd party security solutions, to help implement strict password control, multi user profiles with different security policies, administrator authorised applications and administrator defined external interfaces, such as micro USB and Bluetooth.

Panasonic COMPASS will be available from October 6th, 2016 and is an integral element, alongside new ISV and channel programmes, to achieve Panasonic’s aggressive growth target for Android OS rugged tablet sales

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