New technology platform takes mission critical courseware to the masses

DCProfessional Development (DCPro) announced the launch of a new training platform, the DCD Training Academy that allows organisations to standardise and scale their mission critical personnel development programs in a more cost-effective way and manage training engagements across distributed critical facilities teams.

“By adopting a software as a service payment model the DCD Training Academy will revolutionise how training is delivered,” says Simon Banham, Managing Director, DCPro. “This new platform is part of a larger investment into a state-of-the-art Learning Management System that will offer true continuing professional development capabilities; that means being able to monitor an individual’s or team’s progress and starting to measure outcomes.”

With more than 20 online course modules & a library of over 150 hours that include the brand NEW module – Data Center Health & Safety, plus Fundamentals of Mission Critical Infrastructure and the recently launched set of critical environment courses based on ASHRAE’s TC9.9 guide books, the DCD Training Academy is building a robust online course catalogue. Learning activities are underpinned by a skills assessment tool that helps highlight an individual’s knowledge gaps and suggests relevant online modules.

“As a global facilities player, we have to invest in training as there is a clear link to reducing operational risk across the fleet of data centers and critical environments we manage,” says Martin Jolly - Global Head of Engineering at ISS World Services A/S, an early adopter of the Academy. “This new platform will allow us to benchmark critical facilities staff and provide them a tailored training programme that up-skills them where necessary in key areas of data center design, operations and management. So far our staff have given very positive feedback to the courses and our clients are pleased to support ISS’s professional development initiatives.”

Other organisations using DCPro’s existing training portfolio include most of the world’s largest data center operators in banking & finance, cloud services, social media, facilities management, government and education.

Peter Curtis, President of Power Management Concepts, believes that the industry is reaching a critical stage in its development where many organisations are at risk of increased service interruptions due to a lack of skills. “The cloud, IoT, and explosion in application usage are all reliant on mission critical infrastructure.” He says. “But where are the people who understand ‘mission critical’? We are in the midst of a global skills shortage where demand is outstripping supply. The industry needs a fast reliable way of passing down the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the last three decades before it is lost. Operators need to invest in operational excellence and quick.”