Huawei promotes enhanced technologies at IRSTE congress paving the way for Modern Railways

At this year’s IRSTE “Railway Convention on Advances in Command, Control and Communication Systems for Main Line, Metro & High Speed Transit Systems” Huawei presented its approach using state of the art ICT to enhance operational efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction in the rail transport sector. 

Huawei’s rail transport solutions aim to improve transport capacity; facilitate effective communications between control centers, railway sections and stations to maximize the usage of network resources; and provide a reliable service-oriented information platform to deliver convenient digital services to passenger and freight rail operators. 

With its state of the art GSM-R technology Huawei has demonstrated in Europe and other parts of the world its ability to support multi-vendor GSM-R systems giving Railway operators greatest flexibility in selecting most competitive and technically enhanced GSM-R technology into their existing GSM-R networks. 

“As a provider of innovative rail transport ICT solutions since 1996, Huawei has provided solutions for more than 84,500 kilometers of railway lines including 44,000 kilometers of GSM-R around the world. We collaborate with more than fifty partners with industry-specific expertise to build better connected railways that enhance connections within railways, among people, and between railways and its passengers,” said Mr Daniel Jiang, President Huawei Enterprise Business, India  

At the Institute of Railway Signal and Telecommunication Engineers, IRSTE event which took place in Delhi’s prestigious Manekshaw Convention Centre Huawei presented how its eLTE Voice Trunking and Broadband data solution helps railways to smoothly migrate from today’s GSM-R into an enhanced train to ground communication system offering mission critical voice and broadband data connections between on board and ground based functions. 

Huawei has been on the forefront of implementing LTE technology for the railway industry. The company provided Zhengzhou Metro with its Digital Railway Solution to deploy the first commercial railway LTE network in passenger operation since December 2013. In February 2014, Huawei collaborated with global rail industry leader Bombardier to sign Africa’s first European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) regional railway commercial contract with Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL). Through open collaborations and joint innovation with customers and industry partners, Huawei will continue to lead the way to a future of better connected railways.

Additionally, Agile Station Solution offers wireless positioning, mobile operations, agile network, and FusionCube unified platform. Huawei provides a comprehensive Agile Station Solution for rail operators with the FusionCube IT-enabled platform, agile network, and integrated application services. Conceptually, the solution is designed to automate manual processes, provide reliable, video-enabled communications, simplify management of rolling stock depot, and increase O&M productivity. Key advantages of the solution are wireless positioning, mobile operations, agile network, and FusionCube unified platform.

Huawei’s Fusion Operations Control Center (OCC) Solution provides innovative data center services for the railway industry, including high-performance service platform, congestion-free converged network, and dual-activation data center. As more services on railways are available over the Internet and the market share of railway in intermodal transport increases, rail operators need converged data centers that enable interconnectivity between systems and facilitate resource sharing. Cloud-based data centers become an ideal option for railway operations.