HP to fire 30000 people from services

Hewlett-Packard is downsizing and reducing its workforce numbers by upto 25,000 to 30,000 in its enterprise division because of revenue declines. Most of the personnel cuts will take place in its enterprise services unit, whose employees often work directly with HP corporate customers.

An HP source revealed that it will not affect the customers. The customer relationship "is the most important relationship that we have and we wouldn’t be doing anything to hurt them." Last year the company parted into two different entities because of the crises it faced for growth in most of its divisions. The efforts do not seem to pay for the company. The enterprise business is going through rough waters as the demand for its products and services is hitting a roadbloack. 

HP is expecting to make some new hires to offset this reduction as it "reshapes" its workforce. How many layoffs or new hires will be in the U.S. is in question, reports the ComputerWorld. It further says that this action will lead the company to take $2.7 billion in annual costs out of the business. HP has 302,000 employees worldwide.