BlackBerry to launch Android phone 'Priv'

BlackBerry is going through tough times for quite some time now and is struggling to stay relevant for customers in one or the other way. But all its hopes are diminishing one by one. Its efforts to play around with new devices did not pay off well as the market for its devices did not find any takers. Recently the company reported the biggest ever loss in the revenue. This is t he reason the company has finally announced that it would manufacture Android-based devices. The first BlackBerry Android phone is going to be called 'Priv'.

Everyone was expecting the move since the company is left with no alternatives but to test waters with the most popular OS in the market today. It might not pay off the company the way it has envisioned but it will surely help the company come out of the financial crises it is facing the world over. Nokia had also tried its hands on the Android software but did not impress the critics and users in any way. The success mantra of Android phone maker always lies in the unique features at a compelling price point. If BlackBerry is able to deliver on these points it can be a successful brand once again. But it is not easy. There are thousands of brands in this space today.