9 out of 10 people suffer from 'Nomophobia', the fear of having no mobile: study

A rather interesting study has revealed that nine out of ten people suffer from a fear of coming across an unpleasant situation associated with their phone. This could be something to do with losing their phone, getting it damaged or stolen, or having an utterly useless phone. This fear is known as ‘Nomophobia’. With mobile phones now becoming the next best thing after food, water and air, the existence of this fear doesn’t seem like an urban legend anymore; it is a real situation.

Cisco, the Telecom Giant, conducted a survey on 3800 people in Australia. According to the study, nine out of ten in the group aged under 30 were addicted to their smartphones and became anxious when their phone went missing.

“For many under-30s, the smartphone has become an extension of themselves, from the moment they wake up until the second they fall asleep,” said Kevin Bloch, Cisco chief technology officer.
The most vulnerable victims of Nomophobia are those who check their phones for emails, texts, social media updates, etc., every 10 minutes. Assuming that these folks get 8 hours of sleep a day, they are checking their phones 96 times a day.

Is something being done to tackle nomophobia and deliver those who suffer from it? It only remains to be seen.